Brandon Marquiste is Ready To Tell His Story

Hey Brandon Marquiste! Thanks for talking with us. Start off by telling us your name, where you’re from, and how old you are.

Well I go by the name of BRANDON MARQUISTE straight out of LYNWOOD CALIFORNIA and I’m 31 years old

What was it like growing up around Lynwood California?

Rough.. my father was always in and out of jail most of my life so I took close to my grandfather as a father figure and roll model.. my moms struggled working 2 jobs and tryna hustle to make sure I had the best of everything.. and when she couldn’t do it my grand parents did..

They kept me into sports growing up so I wouldn’t be In the streets like most of my friends..

Because that’s all it was around.. gang violence, dope dealers, pimps and hoes.. and your average joes..

But my friends was my friends… even though they were already in the streets.. when I wasn’t planning sports I would be right there with them…. but everyone knew that “Brandon” was the young fly kid that was damn good in basketball

But all that changed once my grandfather had passed away going into my senior year of high school. And that’s when my whole world shifted!
That was my dog.. my roll model.. and when he passed I kinda didn’t know how to deal with it.. I was only 17 years old.. and never experienced a death in the family.. someone I loved and that was close to me until then.. so I lost it in a way..
And like I said my father was a Gangsta/hustler so he was always in and out of jail.. oh yea and my uncle James.. he’s been in jail for murder since I was 2years old so I had no one else to look up to and show me the right way..

So I ended up turning towards the streets my senior year of high school and hanging with all my friends that was already out there full fledge gang banging and hustling.. some how I still managed to graduate from high school even though I was barely going always ditching class and shit lol smh..

But once my father got out of prison we started to get to know each other and he was the one that put me up on game on getting to the money and not just being a regular bum ass street nigga… besides a lot of my friends from high school got killed from gang violence.. so I took more to being a hustler and getting to the money.. by any means necessary..
It was hard to survive then.. and still is now!

I’ve been shit at and all type of shit.. but I guess God has a bigger purpose for me and it just wasn’t my time to go..
I’ve made a name for myself in the streets.. I was known for having the good dope and always fly and flashy.. that was always my thing.. and the woman loved me.. because I wasn’t just street smart I was book smart too.. I was something like a “corporate thug” as people like to say lol
But yea man.. growing up in Lynwood was tough but hey.. it was my city and I loved it!

Sounds like a lot man. But I’m glad you were able to turn it around and not get caught up in the gang banging. I’m sure what you been through has been uncomfortable. Were there any benefits?

I mean the only benefit I got from was being well respected in my city/hood like I said I wasn’t just street smart I’m book smart too.. so when I combine the too it benefited me.. because even tho I hustled I was able to keep a job too.. so I did both.. which kept me out the way from a lot of gang activity and gang violence

Plus my pops use to always stress to me “B get yo money” so that’s all I worried about.. is getting to the money by any means necessary

What was your first experience with hip hop? When did you start getting into music?

Well I remember growing up as a kid me and my cousin/best friend use to memorize the “Kris Kross” songs and put on a talent show in front of our parents and shit acting and performing as “Kris Kross” 😂

So I always loved music and hiphop as a kid!

I didn’t really tap in to it until I met my 1st baby mother.. it was her cousin that actually introduced me into writing my 1st rap!

His name was Stevie but everybody called him DNL.. he was always making beats and shit.. and like I said I always was musically inclined.. so I started tryna make beats and shit on his beat machines at his house.. so it started off making beats.. and once he convinced me to try to write a rap I found that was easy for me to do.. and it just carried out from there.. I was like in the 11th grade I think..

Do you remember the first rap you wrote?

Lol he it was a dis record to Dem Franchise Boyz song “I think they like me”

It it was basically saying “ No we don’t like you” (laughs)

Lol what made you make a diss record to Dem Franchise Boyz?

I don’t know.. it was just for fun we couldn’t figure out what too write about.. and that was the easiest topic (laughs)

Let’s get into your music. What have you released so far?

I’ve released a few singles(Boss Bitches, You Know I’m Poppin, 💯, and BackSeat) and i also released mixtape called “Top Rhymen”

Do you feel that you’ve grown as an artist? If yes, how?

Yea of course.. I feel like I’ve found my nitch.. like I’ve found my own sound, my own style, my own lane.. like no other rapper out right now or up an coming is sounding like me.. plus my voice and the different tones I’m able to use is very unique.. it’s nothing like it!

How do you feel about the Lynwood hip hop scene?

I believe we on the rise as we speak.. it’s so much talent in my city it’s crazy… but we’ve been often over looked because we’re right next door to compton… like literally where I lived, all I had to do was cross the street and I was in compton (laughs)… Lynwood is just a small city man.. and it’s been shadowed over by compton so no one really recognized the talent over In Lynwood.. but all that’s about to change real soon if I got anything to do with it!! #facts

Is there anyone you heavily fuck with?

Naw not really I just been concentrating on myself really

How would you describe your style as an artist? Are there instrumentals you gravitate towards most?

Very unique.. I have like a Lil accent I guess which kind of makes me sound southern a lil.. but with a west coast flavor.. so I kinda mix the two

I like all types of instrumentals.. all different styles

You recently dropped TopRhymen How did you come up with the title, and what does it mean to you?

I just thought of the streets and the ghetto.. TopRhymen represents the struggle.. everyone that has had hard times has eating a few cups of top ramen noodles (laughs). So I just switched it up and called it “TopRhymen” it’s like food for the streets.. food for thought!😎

How did you approach the project?

Shit… I just wanted to talk about how I felt at the time and the things I was going through.. like the song “Realest Nigga In it” that’s how I truly feel.. I feel like everything about me is authentic and these other rappers is rapping about other people’s lives and not there’s.. it’s all fabricated.. So basically this project was an introduction of myself to the world and letting everyone know how I’m coming.. and that’s keeping everything 💯

How long did it take to record, mix and master?

Umm probably about a couple months..

My favorite track from the project is To The Fullest. It’s a fucking banger. How did that song come together?

Word that’s what’s up! Thank you! But to answer your question, at that point I felt I was ready to go hard wit this music career… I mean when I was hustling in the streets I did it to the fullest and gave it all I got because that’s how a nigga was able to eat.. even when I was younger growing up playing basketball, I gave it my all! So that record was telling myself and the world that Ima go hard wit this music shit too.. So there for everything I did and do now is “To The Fullest”

And as-long as I know I gave it my all.. I’m ok what whatever the outcome is!! Because I did it “To The Fullest” 💪🏾🙌🏾💯😎

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

To be honest I just wanna make a living using my talent and doing what I love to do.. And in all hopes of being able to provide for my family and others that has always helped and supported me.. I just wanna be able to give back! And that’s when I’ll be able to pat myself on the back.. because then I’ll feel like I’m successful!💪🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾😎❣️

What’s up next? Any hints?

(Laughs)… well for the remainder of the year I’m just gonna be releasing new singles with visuals.. I’m not sure if ima do 1 single with visual per month or every other month.. but gonna start with September.. I’m gonna be dropping a “End Of Summer(Freestyle)” on the last day of the summer which is September 22nd if not mistaken 🤔 but yea.. I’m about to flood the market like Katrina did New Orleans… leaving the world no choice but to fucks wit me… lol you either sink or swim.. it’s up to you!

But Ima flout by Ina big ship 🚢 and hopefully everyone jumps on board you feel me!🙌🏾🙏🏾😎

Any last thoughts?

I’m coming to take over the rap game 😎🙌🏾🙏🏾

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