Loby Uses Creativity As Self Expression On “Files and the Chonicles”

Loby is a multi-talented Hip-Hop/R&B singer and songwriter who uses his music to tell a story. So far he has been singing seriously for 5 months but has always been singing for fun ever since a young boy. Some of his biggest influences include The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, and Travis Scott. Loby’s music is a reflection of all of these artists because of the dope production and storytelling. 

The mysterious artist will immediately impress you by seamlessly blending traditional Hip Hop with R&B sensibilities. He isn’t looking for fame – he’s all about progressing as an artist and man. Loby does not reveal his face to the world because he believes the storytelling in his songs are more important than his face/identity being shown to the public. 

His latest release “Files and the Chronicles” is about all the stories Loby has lived through. The ‘Files’ are all the stories he has stored and kept in his memory to this day while ‘the Chronicles’ are the stories he decides to tell/sing about or throw away from his memory forever. A Chronicle is showcased toward the end of the song. 

Interestingly enough, the track has a subtle catchiness thanks to his in the pocket flow that fills up the entirety of the space-age instrumental. “Files and the Chronicles” isn’t a one take record – it’s a complex piece of music that took time to perfect. Loby is also a talented rapper, stringing together excellent wordplay that actually means something. I’m excited for the next step in his ever growing career.

Peep the new song below and be on the lookout for more music from Loby. 


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