FurCoatLel Wants To Be The Coldest In The Game (Exclusive Interview) 

Hey FurCoatLel, thanks for talking with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m from east Memphis, Tn. I started rapping when I was 15. My name comes from wanting to be the coldest artist in the game, I’m a fly dude so I put furcoat in front of my name because that’s what fly niggas wear in the cold.

That’s a very dope creative name. Very different than the names we see today. What inspired you to rap? What did you listen to growing up?

Girls liking rap made me wanna rap and I grew up listening to too short cause he was a pimp (laughs) and Tupac cause he was creative and crazy like me.

I see you recently dropped a new track “Yes Indeed.” What are your thoughts on that record?

I like that record and my freestyle but I’ve got my own original music coming soon.

What made you wanna drop freestyle records first instead of original music?

Can’t give all the secret tricks behind why I do that. Haha basically It’s a strategy.

I understand that. Do you have a particular song or verse that you hold above the rest? Or a record that you enjoy the most?

I’ve got this song with my artist Cleesha Wolf called “Who You With” that is going to blow up guaranteed so that song in general are my favorite verses.

You said “your artist” do you have a group or a label?

She’s independent but I’m showing her the ropes and giving pointers on how to make a name for herself. I’m also writing partially for her.

That’s dope that your taking her under your wing and giving her game, not many artists do that. How do you choose which artists to work with and collab with?

I’m very selective in who I work with, usually everybody I work with is close to me like family.

You are from Memphis, same as Young Dolph & Yo Gotti. Do you have close ties to your city? Or do you do your own thing?

No ties to anybody just doing my own thing but I like both of their music tho.

What was it like growing up in Memphis? Did that have any impact on your music or your decision to take a go at music?

It wasn’t necessarily rough how I grew up but Memphis is just one of those places where you have to be cautious of where you go. Everybody is a killer in my city even your grandma or even kids. Memphis taught me a lot about grinding and hustling for what you want tho so yes it kind of did impact my music.

What are your plans moving forward? Anything we can look forward to?

Just a bunch of videos, my mixtape and my song with my artist which will be dropping sometime in August or Sep. 2018. 

Any last thoughts or shout outs?

S/o my girl for being on my ass every time we in the studio together (laughs) and s/o to Cleesha who is going to be one of the biggest artist from TN. 

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