Catch Up With ProdbyAlec And What He’s Been Working On [Exclusive Interview]

What’s up Alec, how have you been? What have you been working on lately?

I’ve been good man just adjusting to the changes in my life and I’ve been working on my next project and collaborations with others.

How has the reception been since you released your last project?

It’s been great bro, it’s opened more doors for me and I’m able to show the versatility in my music.

You said that you’ve been working with others. What artists have you been working with? Do you have any collab projects dropping?

I’ve honestly been working with only certain people, they are dxxm, Aura, Dante Wolfe, Najii Person, Ronald Gonzalez, Sui Generis, Martin S, and Tejeda. I don’t have any collab projects coming out only because I’m focused on working with my group members on their upcoming projects.

What’s the name of the group and who is all in it?

The name of the group is called Small World.

After already releasing a great project what made you want to join a group?

I really do appreciate that and I’m glad a lot of people enjoyed Reflections Ep. But I decided to join a group because it felt right and I have a great history with those guys and we are all very to ourselves and we always used to spend time together and back in 2011 – 2012 it was called small circle. The group is two rappers DxxM & Aura, one graphic designer named 610wayne, and two producers prodbyalec95 & Twizzyoungbeats.

How did you meet these guys? Did you grow up with them?

I meet these guys at liberty high school in Bethlehem pa back in 2010. And no I did not.

What’s your creative process like when creating a beat?

I have to feel something in order to make a beat or put myself in the other persons shoes that I’m making it for.

You’ve worked with a hell of a lot of artists. Dante Wolfe, Aura, Tejeda, and many more. What were some of your most memorable collaborations?

One of the people I named, his name is Ronald Gonzalez but his artist name is Sui Genesis. But honestly all were memorable because they all bring something fresh and exciting to the music world. And they want to continue to push the music to be better and ahead of it’s time. Making music that will affect people in a positive manner.

Which producers are you most influenced by?

The producers that influence me the most are 40 , Kanye West , PartyNextDoor , No I.D , Logic , the Neptunes , the dream , Justin Vernon , Slyvan Lacue , Tyler the creator, John Mayer, boi1da and vinylz.

You speak very highly of your group members. That’s dope and I can’t wait to see what you guys create together. What have you been working on? What can we expect for the rest of 2018?

I’ve been working on some songs for my upcoming project but I don’t know if it’ll make it because I’m a perfectionist and I just finished working with Tejeda and I’m crafting more records for Dxxm and Aura but I do have a first single for my next project that is out now.

What you can expect the rest of 2018 is more genres mixed into my music and for it to be more upbeat. I have been dabbling in more rap because I really want to showcase my skill. I feel like I bring a different feel and can open more doors for other genres to be infused into rap. I did just finish making the hardest song of my life so far sadly. It’s called Honey / Adjusting Interlude

What makes this the hardest song of your life so far?

Because that song is about my dog named Honey that I was privileged enough to meet 5 years ago. She was literally my best friend we did everything together and we loved each other’s presence but one day it just changed when her health deteriorated and she passed in that same week the changes happened.

I liked the record. It was a lot of raw emotion. I also have a pet and it’s so easy to get attached to them. They became a part of our lives and family.

Thanks bro I cried throughout that whole making of the record. So emotionally moving for me. Playing every instrument out was hard but I focused and I dealt with it because the best music gets created that way.

You don’t just stick to one genre in your production. Do you have a favorite genre of music?

I give all that credit to my family (laughs) they showed me all types of music and my favorite genre of music is r&b.

That’s super dope. To wrap things up – when can we expect your next single

Honestly bro, probably not till the end of the year. I am gonna do a collab tape sometime soon. All I want to say is expect the unexpected bro and s/o to Small World hopefully they can get a interview with you soon and 2019 I’ll be back better than ever.





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