Trvpgod Marko Is Back + Better Than Ever [Exclusive Interview]

After starting a music group called “City Boys” in high school, Marko took a break from making music. Now he’s back, and better than ever. Peep the interview below.

Hey Marko! How are things going today? We are so happy to talk with you. Give us a brief introduction on yourself.

I’m a 22 year old upcoming artist from Americus, GA. In 2014 I enlisted in the United States Army. I’m married to my amazing wife Marquia Dixon. I fell in love with music at the age of 13 and at 16 I was a member of a rapping group called City Boys. I shot my very first music video at 21 called Selfish on YouTube now. I recently released my first song on ITunes called She Say ft HB Keem. The video for She Say is on YouTube as well on @dylanverduntv channel.

I like the new song and visual to “She Say”. It’s very dope. What are your thoughts on that song?

I think that we did a great job on the song , it was an idea that become a great concept for a song , so sorta like we was joking around when we made it.

Before you said your wife is a key factor in your music. Talk about your relationship with her. How does she contribute to your music?

She’s very supportive. I believe her input is what made me get serious about it. I hit a point where I didn’t love the music as I once did. She was the one who told me to keep going & critiques all my music. Being a member of the diverse music culture, her honesty means a lot. She doesn’t sugar coat how she feels about my music and that’s the support and motivation I need. 

That’s good to have that support system and always have someone who will keep it real no matter what. What made you lose your love for music? And how does it feel to be back working on music again?

Not enough recognition. You can put so much into a craft and a talent, but if you’re not getting the results you want, it begins to feel like, what’s the point? You know? It sucks. Honestly, to be back working on music feels great! The greater side of all this is, I’m getting recognition now. I feel as if I need the break to come back harder than before

Yeah trust me I know how hard it is not getting results. There is nothing wrong with stepping back and coming back better and stronger. You took a while off to join the army, how was that experience for you? Do you feel as if it helped you as a person and your music?

Yeah being part of the army gave me more to talk about. A lot of things rappers speak on they haven’t done, but in my case, I can say I’ve drove foreigns, been to other countries, things the Army helped me accomplish. Plus the income helped me purchase better music equipment, helped me promote myself more, etc…

Talk a little bit about your group in high school, City Boys.

A group of 4 young boys all went to Americus Sumter High South Campus. We made a lot of YouTube videos and had a couple songs. We did every talent show and the school loved us. As we got older and all graduated, we all went our separate ways.

Do you ever think about getting back in contact with them?

We still communicate.

How long have you lived in Americus, GA? How do you feel about the hip-hop scene there?

I lived in Americus for 11 years. There are many artist from my hometown that have potential but not necessarily the resources to make quality music.


You released your first EP “Trvptober The EP” last year in October. Then followed that up with “2K18” in February. What has the response been like?

I really received a lot of positive feedback . I’ve also been getting direct messages from people bigger than me that can further my career.

That’s good! It’s all about making those connections. You just dropped “2K18” a month ago. How do you feel about that project?

The project was exceptional at first, I felt that it could have been better if I would have took more time on my mixing like I normally do, but I was on a time basis on that project.

How long did it take to put that together?

1 month.

What are your goals for this year? What can we expect moving forward?

The ultimate goal is to be of more importance than I am today. I plan to better my craft than what it is now so I can be great. Stay tuned for more music, more videos, more features, just a lil bit of it all.

Thanks for speaking wit us. Any last words or shout outs?

No problem, thank y’all for the time and the recognition.

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