Chance The Rapper Is Starting An Award Show For Teachers 

If you know Chance The Rapper then you know he sets out to make a huge difference in Chicago, but this time around he also wants to honor those who are doing so as well. The rapper is starting a new awards show called the Twilight Awards, that will honor educators who are “helping raise up the youth in our nation.” The awards show will celebrate “teachers, parents, principals and students that convey leadership” and is set to take place in June 2018. James Corden has been selected to be the awards show host, along with many guest performances, that will take place in Chicago.

Chance made the announcement of the Twilight Awards towards the end of a summit for his SocialWorks charity, and even pledged a $2.2 million donation to 20 Chicago public schools. Chance gave an update on the nonprofit’s progress since he launched it a year ago. He has raised millions in funding for Chicago-area education and funded numerous programs through his SocialWorks nonprofit. In the past, the rapper has advocated for better opportunities for the city by meeting with the state governor, donated money and supplies to students, donated outerwear to the homeless and led a march to voting polls.

Watch Chance at the SocialWorks Summit below to hear the announcement towards the end.

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