Dallas artist Coach Tev Is On The Rise (Exclusive Interview) 

As an artist Coach Tev is just dope and it’s amazing to watch his rise. I was ecstatic to talk to him recently to get the down low on what’s going on with him, where his name came from, where his inspiration come from and much more. Peep the interview below and stream his newest tracks below.

Hey Coach Tev! Thanks for talking with us! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Coach Tev, a creative out of Dallas, TX that just happened to be good at making scenic rap music so that’s my outlet for the time being. Film school background which undoubtedly seeps its way thru my music creating process from the imagery I use to the way I structure each song.

Just to start off – your from Dallas,Texas. Tell us about the hip hop culture there.

Its no secret Dallas is one of the most unappreciated cities in America when it comes to rap music. And for us to be a top 5 metropolitan in the country makes that first statistic even more depressing. However the underground hip hop scene is definitely alive and well so I’m not actually sure why the city doesn’t seem to be respected on that level but fuck it. From Devy Stonez, to Bobby Sessions, to M3CCA, to Jay Luse, to Blue, the Misfit we definitely have the gems. They city just has to overcome the jig dance movement that seems to forever hover over us. No shade on that era though because I mans definitely had the Yung Nation on repeat in high school.

Do you feel as if you city has an influence on your sound and the music you create? 

To be honest it’s 2017. I don’t feel like any city really has a sound anymore. Other than the obvious NY and LA/Bay Area, this internet era has allowed anybody to be influenced by anyone else. Rap music is becoming less and less coast/area based.

How did your artist name come about? 

So supposedly at one point I was wearing a lot of windbreakers and visors and caps and shit so some funny guy friend told me I dress like a AAU basketball coach. So there’s that. Also I was working at this after school care for a year or so (because Coach luh da kids) and instead of them calling you Mr. whatever, since we didn’t have teacher certificates or whatever, they called us “Coach *insert name*”. So theres that too.

How did you get into the music scene and when did you decide that you wanted to pursue music seriously? 

Started around 2010. Actually made a remix to J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” in 6th grade but we’ll save that story for another day. But really started honing in and investing in myself around 2015. Shit has been up since then. If only people really understood the power of self investing; and setting short term/long term goals for yourself; and seeing them shit’s ALL THE WAY THRU.

What music do you listen to? Which artists influences you? 

This goes back to my early comment about being a direct product of the internet era. I draw inspiration from artist like Portishead, James Blake and Sade, to Mobb Deep, Madlib and Curren$y. Not ashamed to say I’m the offspring of many artists. It’s the reason I’m able to make a song like Lefty then turn around and make Chrissy’s Interlude, then turn around and make Bougie Heaux. Melting pot Teezy.

Are you currently working on a new single or project? 

I Fell in Love with My Mistress coming 2017. The love of temptation. That is all I will say for now.

What do you think sets you apart from all the other artists? 

I really went to school for Film. And graduated. I’m not the Tarentino or nothing because thats not the craft I prioritize but I will forever think about music differently because of it. Music is a first cousin to film. The best music evokes a strong emotion out the listener. And it’s your job, as the creator, to do whatever you can to can to enhance said emotion. That’s what makes the best artist. Not the lyrical content. Not the plot of the film. But how well did they set the mood. If you meant for your audience to laugh at this scene, and then cry at the next one, and then pondering existentialism on the one after that, and they following accordingly, then you succeeded. Same applies for music.

What are your plans for 2017? 

Will he fall out of love with his mistress? If he hops out of the maxima, will he still continue to do damage?? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

Any last words or shout outs? 

S/o you guys here at Prime Media for reaching out first and foremost. S/o Cambino (y’all will come to know this name very soon). Determination gets you far. There’s beauty in the struggle. Peace and blessings.

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