Young Shoddy Is The Positive Force That Music Needs (Exclusive Interview) 

We’ve been blessed to get to know an incredible female artist. Hip hop + r&b, as a genre, is male dominated, but as the industry has grown, women are finally getting the spotlight they deserve. We aim to continue that trend. Multi talented artist Young Shoddy has made this pretty easy. The Philadelphia emcee/songstress has a lot of things in the works that she can’t wait to unveil. We’ve been in touch with her for awhile now and are so excited to share our conversation.

Hey Young Shoddy! Thanks for talking with us! Could you introduce yourself a bit?

Hey, no problem my name is young Shoddy. I am 18 years old, I live in Philadelphia, Pa. I’m a upcoming female rapper with a flow of old school mixed with new. I’ve been doing music since I was around 8 years old I want to set a presence or a lane where you don’t have to be a specific type of genre to be an artist in the music industry for women or men in general. I usually talk about my life experiences in my music or the relatable topic young kids to adults can understand.

Just to start off – you just told us you’re from Philadelphia. Tell us about the hip hop culture there.

The hip-hop culture is based on what’s new or what’s the in at the moment like the pnb rock type music or lil uzi is what Philly hip-hop scene is based on, the buzz and numbers, not really about the substance or message of the music it’s all about what’s catchy and what’s new. 

Which lane do you plan on following the buzz and numbers or the substance and message?

I’m in both lanes honestly some of my music has substance and a message and I also have songs that are just fun and everybody can vibe with.

Yeah I agree your music definitely has both. It’s best to have a mix of both. You said you’ve been doing music since you were 8 – tell us how you got into the music scene.

Thank you and Yes of course well my mom used to rap back in the day for fun and they used to call her “shoddy” that’s how I came about my name but my mom used to rap and have a step team so growing up I watched her. Then at my grandma house I would watch videos of just different rappers and artists singing songs that I liked and I decided I wanted to do that so I grabbed a book and started rhyming words that didn’t even rhyme and I stuck with it and got better and better. 

That’s dope that you got your name from you mom. What music do you listen to? Which artists influence you? I hear a lot of different influences in your music and you said you want to create a lane where you don’t have to be in a specific genre to be an artist. How do you plan on achieving that?

I listen to lil uzi, pnb rock, Kodak black, I like biggie, Tupac, Nas, MC light, LL COOL J, drake, a boogie, common, jay z, j cole, and Kendrick are a few artist that influence me and that I listen to. I plan to do that by the music I make, videos, and partnering with music influences up and coming in my city, that is out of the common like maybe a rock and singer and I can do a collaboration and link up with up and coming designers that is different from the hip-hop scene and bring something new, working with other people to help add creative. This would help me not limit myself to a specific lane I think is the key to being a creative.

That would be dope to see you collab with a rock singer! But it’s nice to see that you have your eyes set on expanding and not just limiting yourself. How do you feel about female artists who are currently in the music industry? What’s your opinion on women in the music industry overall?

Thank you & the major influences in the industry are not representing others who are inspired correctly that “sex sells ” is the only avenue you can take to be successful and they are showing it’s better to drag one another down as an artist in the industry than to lift us up or work together don’t get me wrong they are hustling and breaking barriers for women. The music industry did that and I respect and have a lot of love for them for that but now the rap game is so different and we need something new that’s different, that women can break even more barriers and not follow after just a Nicki Minaj but take her mindset and do something totally different that inspire somebody else ya know.

I completely agree with everything your saying. You hit it spot on. So your latest release is your video for ten toes. Can you tell us a little bit about the song. What inspired it? And what was the creative process of the video? What did you hope to achieve with this record?

Of course well when I was 16 me and my dad were going through a lot and our relationship was rocky so around that time my father became absent from my life making my mother become the father and mother so as I got older and had to grow up to the point of me being in college, I just took everything I was feeling and wrote the story, I told how things could have happened if I didn’t choose to stay focused in school & I ended with what actually happened with me graduating. I wanted to get a message across to people that even the closet people can hurt you but don’t use that as an excuse not to live or do what’s best for you. 

I definitely felt your pain in the song, but I’m glad to know it made you a stronger better person. So your in college, a lot of artist choose not to go to college and just work on their music. What made you take the route of going to school? Do you feel it benefits or hurts your music career because as a college student myself it does take up a lot of time. (Laughs) 

Thank you! Awe man I completely agree with you with the whole time thing, I feel like it definitely take away from my music as far as putting in the time to write and perfecting my craft but I wouldn’t say I regret going to college the experience just give me more to talk about and helping me grow up. So being in college I would say it has its pros and cons but life gonna have pros and cons so I can’t just give up because of that I gotta make it work and that’s what I’m doing. But that’s awesome congrats you in college doing ya thing. 

Congrats on you being in college doing your thing as well. Trust me I know how it is. Are you currently working on a new single or project?

I’m working on a project, I don’t have a title for it yet but I have a “single ” – called T.H.P (tears , heartache , and pain)

When can we expect the project? Any details you can tell us?

Around June that time I plan to release my project.

What are your plans for 2017? What do you hope to achieve with this project?

My plans for 2017 is to present the new “young Shoddy” & my new line / company called “a millionaires mind” that’s my goal to achieve. With this project I hope to present my new material and the new wave of music that I think is next that’s completely different. And I can just tell you about my project that the new music I’m bringing is music that my fans and people haven’t heard from me and it’s a solo project no features just all me.

Tell us about this line/company “a millionaires mind” what is it? Who do you hope to reach with this line/company?

It is a new line that I’m bringing that represent positive and being business minded knowing how to invest and furthering your education to be what you want to. I want to host events like showcases for young artist, help organize different programs for school to learn more about hip-hop music culture and even inspire artist or form different workshops kids could come to, I think that would be dope.

That’s dope! I can’t wait to see what you do with that. That is kind of what I hope to achieve with this site. A positive place for creatives to show their talent whether your an artists, photography, producer etc. I wanna focus on positive and entertaining content and not negativity and gossip. We already have enough of that. Just to wrap up, do you have any last thoughts or shoutouts? 

That’s awesome and totally support that and I think we need more positivity than anything and I wanna give a shout out to my mom for pushing my dreams and shoutout to you for giving me this interview.

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