Alec Gomez Is Just Getting Started… (Exclusive Premiere + Interview)

Before you listen to Alec Gomez new instrumental tape, take a long look at the cover art. Acknowledge the title. Before pressing play on my listen to Reflections I did both, and it made the experience even more special.

This is Alec’s first EP, he fused genres that aren’t normally done, pulling genres that not a lot of people listen to. All the tracks on Reflections are completely original. Listen to all 6 tracks at once, and you will take a journey into Alec’s creative mind. He experimented on this one, and the result is a sonic wonderland, with pure and tranquil vibes.

Hey Alec. You just released your EP Reflections. How long have you been waiting for this moment?

Two years. 

On the EP you collaborated with Dante Wolfe. You two work together a lot. How did this specific collab come together?

I asked Dante Wolfe what he thought of this specific track. He liked it immediately and asked about the idea I had for the track. Luckily he liked that as well, so I finished the record and sent it to him. I feel like with Dante everything happens organically because we’re friends first and I can literally ask or talk to him about anything.

That’s dope that you two have that chemistry, you guys make a dope artist and producer duo. We’ve had you up on the site often since we learned about your music, and spoke on your talent for pulling a lot of genres that most people don’t listen to. When did you decide you wanted to approach your instrumentals like this? What was the inspiration behind it?

I agree bro we do! I decided to approach my instrumentals like this around May of 2016. I realized that instead of doing the same music as everyone else. I wanted to tap into my good & bad experiences living in Bethlehem , pa on one project. I wanted my first project to be as personal as possible and really stand out. I wanted to make sure the genres I attacked weren’t used often by anyone else.

The title and the cover art goes perfect with the “Reflections” sound. Did you always know you wanted to incorporate this theme of being personal in your instrumentals?

Yeah bro that’s the only way I can really tap into my emotions and bring the best outta me. What do you think of the project overall?

Overall I think the project is dope, it all flows together. The instrumentals are different than what you usually hear, but that’s good your changing it up and creating your own lane. When did you record these instrumentals? How did it all come together?

I recorded these instrumentals between July of 2016 & February 2017. It all came together organically. I honestly made each track in order that their in the tracklist. I wanted each song to relate to me personally so I spent quite a while making sure everything was right. I wanted them to flow well. And connect with others as well.

You only have one featured artists on this, Dante Wolfe. Why did you choose him and not any other artist? Do you plan on working with other artists in the future?

I choose to work with Dante because of his work ethic , determination, passion and he loves music a lot like I do. I do plan on working with other artists in the future (laughs) I have just recently started.

How long have you been making instrumentals?

I’ve been making instrumentals over a year and a half now.

Why did you choose the name Reflections? What does the title mean to you?

I chose the name Reflections because I wanted to reflect on the experiences I’ve had while living in Bethlehem , pa. The title means the world to me honestly.

That’s good that you picked a meaningful title. What’s you personal favorite track from the EP and why?

I really have two favorites (laughs). My personal favorite tracks are Thoughts Of You & EGRAM. I would say Thoughts Of You because I wanted the listeners to hear how I felt during the passing of my grandmother & grandfather & uncle. It’s very somber and powerful And create a score. I was also secluded for a bit and sad. But I got over it and realized it’s life. I love them all and forever will. They brought joy to my life and they were great people. But the intro is very different from what everyone is doing. I would say EGRAM because of the pianos, the synths, drums and the feeling it gives you when you listen to it. It’s so different from a lot of the music you hear now. It’s also about my dear cat named Marge that passed away sadly. She was with us for 9 years and she was amazing, happy, so alive and lived for 17 years. But I love her forever and I’ll never forget the happiness she brought to my life.

Sorry to hear about all the loss you experienced. But it definitely reflects in the music and adds a new perspective. My favorite song off of the EP is soulmate. What is the inspiration behind that song and what was the process like creating it?

The inspiration for the song came from my girlfriend. I made it about her because I wanted to showcase that she’s amazing just like the song and she helped me kick start my producing career. She helped me get more equipment. And the process creating it was a great journey. I say that because I want to create a song that was very musical with different elements. I used a sample that would close the EP with a amazing sound. The second half is an example of difference. I wanted to tap into my inner 40 and showcase what I can do with a sampling and the keys and the bass and the guitar.

That’s love! I thought that’s who the song was about, just needed you to confirm it (laughs). Just to wrap up, do you have any last thoughts?

I just want to say thank you for believing in me ! I hope it resonates with more people as well ! I also have more things coming up and I’m only getting started. I’m gonna continue pushing boundaries in music. And possibly a second EP coming late summer or early fall or later I don’t know yet. And other collaborations I’ve done so far.

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