Benkasso Gives Us a Track By Track Guide to new EP “Hard as Hell 2”

Benkasso just dropped his newest EP “Hard as Hell 2” and it’s great. I gave it a couple spins last night and it was A1. The project is full of dark and deep tracks detailing depression, suicidal thoughts, and the struggles of new creators trying to push new waves into the world, providing a full soundscape for the 10 tracks.

Today, Benkasso has provided us with the exclusive details on each track. He really dug deep on the creation and inspiration for each one. There is a plethora of info so play the album above and follow track by track.

1. STILL – For the intro it really comes down to the simplest idea. I initially didn’t even think I could make a part 2 but once a friend re assured me I could, that just popped up in my head “..this shit STILL hard as hell” 

2. No Apologies – This was the first song from the tape I recorded. It sets the whole tone and I think that saying no apologies for who I am was a pretty good follow up to the initial STILL statement. 

3. Storm – Is more of an undertone that there’s more originality coming. A storm would really only apply to those who are culture vultures or don’t have a style of their own. 

4. Connected – In the intro to hard as hell 1 I spoke a little on dreams being sold by A&Rs and others and I think this is just an extension of that. There’s a lot of pitfalls with trying to make the right connections so I’d rather BE the man than having a middleman 

5. Indigo – Probably the second song I recorded. Pretty simple theme/concept, getting to the Money. 

6. Round – Honestly strip club vibes. Every bar is so vivid to me because of its truth and the nights I lived in it 

7. Engulfed – I feel is a very new type of wave. I didn’t want to have 8 out of 10 songs only about somber moods and depression so I feel like I took this beat and put ALL of my negative energy into this one. It explains how I feel about every recent mishap from failed relationships, industry BS & suicidal thoughts  

8. Wonder – Is an extension of me starting on the topic of heartbreak and finishing it out in a full song. 

9. Life – Is a very smooth tune with the help of my brother bones. I wanted a smooth transition to the last track and I think the jist of what I’m saying in the song is that life goes on. Yes bad things happen. Relationships end but life still goes on & it’s how we survive in it 

10. Hometown Hero – I always enjoy making a play on words so I assume when people see hometown hero they’ll think it’s a song depicting how much I’m the man in my city when it’s really the opposite. It’s really just explaining that I don’t WANT to be the guy popular in my city IF I have to change who I am. I want to be bigger than my hometown and never wanna feel like I have to follow one set system to get where I wanna be

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