Streetwear Spotlight: Rogue America 

Rising clothing brand “Rogue America” is exactly as advertised: it is for those who think different, act different, and aren’t afraid to go against the grain. 
Cameron is the founder of “Rogue America” and a true visionary. Throughout this you’ll read about his passion and history with design, details on the brand, and his desire to promote positivity.

Rogue America is a new streetwear brand that combats the negative-utopia of the so-called “American Dream”. “Rogue America” is built off of acceptance and unity, and it does not discriminate – all styles and opinions are welcomed. It represents the idea of the world being more like a family. The founder Cameron Quarles truly embraces the lifestyle of his brand, Rogue America in every aspect. Originally, he wanted to design video game maps and characters. However, he came to realize that Ohio has a limited job market for video game designers so he decided to focus his talents elsewhere. So he started building his own design brand. Initially, started working on “Proper Attire” with another designer but they ultimately could not see eye-to-eye. So, then he started a different company called “Nyne” with a good friend, thinking it would be a more fruitful collaboration. Unfortunately, his partner wasn’t fully dedicated to the project and he decided to fly solo. “Nyne” changed to “Rogue America.”

The clothing, the designs and the prints are all made here in the states so no sweatshops are involved at all. This company started with a love of art and a group of friends doing things their own way. It is inspired by urban streetwear, culture, and music. No one will be denied access to these designs in hope of bringing together people from all walks of life so that even those who may not always agree with each other can still unite through the universal language of art.“Rogue America” is all about peace, love, and feeling dope at all times.

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