Blue Martinez Is Ready To Take On 2017 (Exclusive Interview)

As an artist Blue Martinez is just dope. He creates experimental, yet easily accessible tracks that have garnered over thousands of spins in a short period of time. It’s amazing to watch his rise.

I was ecstatic to talk to him a few days ago to get the down low on what’s going on with him, where his name came from, and much more. Peep the interview below and stream his newest track above.

Hey Blue Martinez! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. Can you give us a little background about you

Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I was born in Connecticut, and raised in Brooklyn,NY. Two completely different sides of the coin, with one common denominator; struggle. I didn’t grow up having much of anything in both settings, except an imagination, and a fondness for girls, art, music, and fashion. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but quickly discarded that dream, after I heard, and saw JAY-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” anthem, which inspired me to pursue music. And here I am now, putting every fiber of my being into it.

Where did the name Blue Martinez come from?

One part of my name is earned, and the other part is given. Meaning, my first name Blue came from being an active member of the Crips, and the last part of my name, is my actual birth name, with a EZ on the end, created by my high school friend. He use to call me Blue Martín. After a while, he started calling me Blue Martínez. I liked the sound of it, so, it stuck. I’ve recently found out that he committed suicide a few years back, so the last part of my name means even more to me now.

So you just dropped your new track Lamborghini. You’ve gotten thousand of plays on all your songs on soundcloud and you have over 60,000 followers on Twitter so you receive a lot of love. What has been the reception you received from this song? Is it what you expected

Lamborghini is doing well so far actually. I’ve only received a few dislikes from people on it, which is fine. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions. And honestly, yea. I felt like once I released it, people would enjoy it sonically. I just hope they also hear the messages instilled in the track as well.

When I first heard the song I was truly inspired, it has great lyricism. What was the message behind this song? Who inspires you creatively? 

I appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the lyrics. The message behind it was simple; go for your dreams, by any means necessary. “All I want is the drop now, Lamborghini with the top down,” is my way of saying that I want it all, and then some. A Lamborghini isn’t only one of the dream cars on my list, but it’s also a car that represents a particular demographic; people with incomes beyond our wildest dreams. The Lamborghini signifies a dream that for most, is outside of our reach. I’m putting it in my reach.

What was the process of creating your new track Lamborghini?

My process with Lamborghini, is the same process I have with every song I record. The first component, is the beat of choice. I typically spend a day listening to beats until one of them resonates with me. Lately, I’ve been very particular about my production. Once I hear the beat, depending on the energy the beat creates, I’ll either record it a few days after, or I’ll get into the studio and record the same day, freestyling every word. 90% of my music is done in the moment. I prefer not to write, because I believe what you say the first time is what you mean. I feel at that point, the music is more authentic because the emotions are raw, unfiltered. I mean what I say in my music, and outside of that. I rarely detract a statement, or apologize for being myself which is why I enjoy freestyling my songs. It’s a unapologetic process.

You’ve definitely built up a fan base since the start of your career. What do you attribute that to?

Honestly? Just keeping my finger on the pulse of social media, and staying consistent with it. I still have long ways to go. That, and people taking the time to listen, and revisit the music. It’s an honor, honestly.

I see the stamp “The Champaign Room Corp” on everything you do. Is that the label your signed too? Tell us a little bit about your affiliation with them. 

The Champagne Room is a team, and a lifestyle. We’re independent, so as a team, we do everything from our own social media marketing, to photo shoots, handling inquires, audio engineering/production, etc. We’re dedicated to becoming a team that does almost everything in house. Ownership and brand establishment is important to us. So at the moment, we’re working our hardest to achieve success in all of those areas.

So the first song you ever put on Soundcloud was M.C.C.H, which was released 3 years ago. From that track to your most recent track Lamborghini it sounds like you’ve grown so much sonically. What head space were you in when you recorded M.C.C.H and how do you think you’ve grown since then?

Man, that’s a great question. During the time I did M.C.C.H., I was in a different place musically. Also, three years ago, I was in a different place (in my personal life), and so was my producer, and my team. But through life’s rollercoaster, and many events that occurred in my life between then and now, it sparked evolution. I had also stepped away from music for a year and some change, so, I was very reflective, and creative with my musical process, and choice of production. I ended up growing in every area; from the choice of my production, to my approach to a song, & even down to my fashion choices. Because of life’s experiences, it molded me different as a person, which is what you’re hearing in the music from 3 years ago to now. Evolution at its finest …

Your new project “45” is coming soon, what can we expect from the project? Any details? 

This project is going to be introspective. Just a lot of real shit honestly. I’m taking my time on it. There’s only going to be a few tracks, so every song recorded has to be approached as if it’s my last. The process will be concise. I don’t like rushing product out for the sake of having product. I’m fine with however long that may take. Until then, I’ll continue to release product every month, and start working on small visual releases as well, to give my supporters a closer look into who I am.

Who are some of your favorite artists right now? Who do you bump the most?

A lot of JAY Z. Maybe a little too much JAY Z (laughs). Notorious BIG, Tupac, Stack Bundles, 50 Cent, The Lox, Jeezy, Meek Mill, old Mase & Badboy records, a little Bryson Tiller. I’m not into some of the new shit. However, the whole Beast Coast movement is ill, and so is TDE.

What is essential for you in the studio while your recording? 

As in what’s that one essential component I need in every studio session? Water (laughs).

What’s coming up for you in 2017? What can we expect?

I want to get into more visuals. I don’t need to release a bunch, but a few a year. Quality over quantity. I’m also going to sit down with my team, and start working on Champagne Room merchandise. It really is a lifestyle, and I would like to share that lifestyle with others.

Thanks again for giving us your time! Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

Thank you! The pleasure was mine. Shoutout to my team, The Champagne Room. Shout outs to my producer, which is also one of my day ones, Greg Trakkz. My babe Mellie, and to everyone else who supports the music.


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