This iPhone Accesory Lets You Kiss Someone Over the Internet 

Long distance relationships are difficult because you have zero possibility of physical intimacy, however, Researchers from the Imagineering Lab at City University London think they can solve this problem, with their new Kissenger device. 

Kissenger, is the “world’s first mobile kiss messenger,” the device mimics a real kiss using pressure sensors and actuators. The Kissenger pairs with a messaging app that lets a user send a kiss, so when one is sent, the Kissenger measures pressure on different parts of the sender’s lips to replicate that exact kiss on the recipient’s Kissenger. The kiss pad is roughly the shape of lips, and underneath the rubbery silicon shell are “high precision force sensors” that detect the force of the kiss and then duplicate it elsewhere. The lip pad also houses small actuators, which the company claims create “a realistic kissing sensation.”

So far, the team has created a working iOS prototype that plugs into a device’s headphone jack. Looks like the problem of long distance relationships are solved. Will you be purchasing it for you and your long distance lover?

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