ProdByAlec Reveals Upcoming Plans As A Buzzing Producer (Exclusive Interview)

Alec is a very talented and versatile producer, able to spin together all types of instruments into a cohesive piece. You’ll be able to hear it in his new album Reflections, which is coming soon. The title of the project is a perfect representation of Alec as a person, producer, and collaborator.

We had a great conversation with the hard working beat-maker below. You can also catch some of his music above and be on the lookout for his new EP dropping soon. 

Hey Alec, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well My name is Alec Gomez also known as prodbyalec. I am 21 years old and I currently live in Bethlehem, Pa. I am a producer. I also have a degree in business administration.

Ah you graduated from college that’s dope. Where did you graduate from? What made you want to major in business administration and how do you feel it will help you with your music career?

I graduated from McCann School Of Business & Technology in Allentown, Pa. I decided to major in business administration because I wanted to learn how businesses operates on a daily. I feel it will definitely help my music career because I know what it takes to run a business and maintain its position.

Do you plan on having your own music business one day? Is that a goal?

I do plan on having my own music business one day. It’s definitely a thought but as of right now it’s not a goal for me.

How long have you been producing? Who are some artists who you have worked with?

Ive actually been producing for over a year now. Funny enough the only artist I’ve worked with is Dante Wolfe.

I look forward to seeing who else you work with. I was first introduced to your work because you produced track 5 off Carlton Ave and co produced a track off the god complex. How did you link up with Dante and what was the creative process like?

I actually met Dante while in college. I worked at Lehigh University and at my school McCann School Of Business & Technology. At Lehigh university, I was a cashier and so was Dante. One day, we were scheduled to work the same day and we just spent that day finding out about one & other. After that day, we hit it off and spent time together listening to music and listening to each other’s goals for the future. The creative process was very organic. Around the time he started Carlton Ave. I started brainstorming an idea for his project. So one day me & my bro in law Wes sat down in the studio and created this record for him that became Number32. My brother in law Wes co produced it with me. I knew this record would be perfect because it fit with the concept he had for the next track off Carlton Ave. So one day me & wes gave him a CD with beats and ironically enough all the beats on the Cd ended up on Carlton Ave. But a huge S/O to my bro in law Wes because he showed me everything I know and he believed me since day one.

I hear that a lot with artists and producers…having a lot of good creative people with good vibes helps the creative process. Was there a moment in your life when you knew that you wanted to pursue music? Tell us about that moment.

I realized I wanted to pursue music in my third semester of college. I just wasn’t interested in my field anymore and all I could think about was music. I would sit at a table at School just thinking. I didn’t want to spend my life doing something I wasn’t passionate about. I just wanted to create the music I wanted to and be free.

Yes I agree, music is a way for people to express themselves and be free. Who are some artists or producers who inspire you?

The artists that I would say that really inspire me are Drake, Kanye West, Logic,  Daft Punk, Terrance Martin, Dante Wolfe and Partynextdoor. The producers that inspire me are 40, Kanye West, The Neptunes, Daft Punk, No I.D and Logic.

So you just dropped your new song Reflections. Such a strong song. Did you have a strategy or goal before you recorded?

Thank you very much! My only goal going into it was to create a record that was innovative and fused different genres. The same thing is being done on my upcoming EP.

What was the producing process like on this, how did you come up with the title Reflections? What’s essential for you when you’re working?

The producing process on this was easy because everything was done one by one. I created a sound then my bro in law added a bass. Then I went back and added a guitar piece and my bro in law and I added a beat and then he went and helped me piece together the second half of the track with just the guitar and I went back and added notes to it. I came up with the title Reflections when I finished the record. I wanted to reflect on many different events that happened in my life the last few years. The title is very good because it fits well with my story. I don’t need anything when I’m working. I just go in the studio with a clear state of mind.

You talk about your bro in law a lot, he encouraged you to be a producer and taught you how to make beats. So you have a strong support system.

Yes I do have a very strong support system. My mom, dad, sisters and brother in law have always pushed me to follow my dreams no matter the obstacles. My bro in law saw something in me that I didn’t see a long time ago. I’m ecstatic about releasing my EP

So your debut project is coming soon. When can we expect that? Any details on the project you can give us?

You guys can expect it mid January or first week of February. Yes I can give some details. You can expect more boundaries to be pushed. You can also expect a lot of good and bad moments on the project. You can also expect to hear fusions of genres that aren’t always put together. It’s very personal and I want the audience to hear the music and visualize themselves in my shoes and the music is built that way.

Wow man I’m looking forward to hearing it. Are you currently working with any artists?

I am working with two rappers right now named Najee and Mvstermind. Me & Najee will release a EP sometime this year. 5 or 6 tracks. 

That’s good, I look forward to hearing what you guys cook up. So we know that your a producer, can you also rap? Have you ever tried to write a song?

No (laughs) I’m not a rapper at all.

Okay (laughs) just checking. Just to wrap up, do you have any last thoughts or shout outs?

I’d like to do both. First off S/O to my bro in law Wes , My family , My girlfriend who also shot the cover for my EP and my friends. My last thoughts are Reflections is a journey and hearing is better than seeing in this case.

That’s dope. We really appreciate the time and will definitely be keeping up with you. When the EP drops you know we’ll hit you up.

Thank you I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely send you my second single when it drops. Which is very very soon 

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