E.B.O Beard Butter Is One Of The Best Grooming Products For Black Men 

Edward Oliver is a young and motivated entrepreneur working hard for his success. At only 25 years old, Edward has already built a successful hair and grooming product company that caters to the hair of black men.

The Idea for E.B.O Beard Butter came about in 2014 when Edward wanted his beard to look better, and after trying multiple products and failing he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for his type of hair. The products weren’t catered to the hair of black men so he decided to come up with something to use on his own beard. His mom has her own business for natural skin care products (Caravan Organics) and helped Edward create his own product. Eventually, in November 2014 after everyone told Edward that he needs to sell it he decided to make it for sale and its been going strong ever since.

Edward B. Oliver Jr started E.B.O Beard Butter two years ago in Washington DC. He is a 2013 Norfolk State University graduate, and with him being the first in his family to graduate from college he sets a strong example for his four brothers and three sisters. With the money Edward makes from his business he likes to give back to the community. Some of Edwards achievements include making it on the black business list of BET, Buzzfeed, Askmen, and more.

Purchase some E.B.O Beard Butter below and let us know what you think about the product. Stay tuned to Prime, we have an exclusive interview with Edward B. Oliver coming soon. He speaks about his company E.B.O Beard Butter, how he gives back to the community, and he gives some insight about being a young entrepreneur.



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