Fury & Jovan Urges Everyone To “Wake Up” 

Fury & Jovan teams up and has a call to action for everyone TO WAKE THE HELL UP. Fury & Jovan wants everyone to wake the hell up and be aware of their surroundings and who is really trying to help you better yourself, and as Lauryn Hill said, “I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youth!” In the visual, there are three scenarios involving theft, violence, and prostitution. These are some examples of the folks that need to be waken up. Fury & Jovan lyrics encourage those to wake up and live in consciousness. “Wake Up” is featured on Fury’s latest collaboration album “F.L.O.W” which stands for Future Leaders of The World.

If you haven’t already heard Fury’s latest album F.L.O.W check it out, it is dope, trust me. Stay tuned to Prime for all your new music. Follow @theePrimeCo on Twitter for all your music and entertainment news. 

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