Shaun B Is Finally Ready To Show Us What He’s Got [Exclusive Interview]


Shaun B, the always working hip hop & RnB artist from east Atlanta has recently released his new single “Vacay” and has more in-store for us coming soon. Many artists attempt to mix hip hop & RnB into one sound, but Shaun B approaches it in a incredibly unique way. Don’t be fooled, a host of other genres will be incorporated into his upcoming projects, but Shaun B makes it all his own sound.

There is more to his music than you think, which he has described in our interview below. We also learned more about him and what he’s been working on. Read his insightful words below and stream “Vacay” above.

Hey Shaun B! Thanks for talking with us. How are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thanks for the platform. I’m a hip hop & RnB artist out of east Atlanta that just likes to make songs about the situations I’ve been through.

Ah your from east Atlanta, that’s dope. Atlanta dominants a lot of the music industry. How has being from Atlanta influenced your sound? How are you different from other artists from Atlanta?

Definitely influenced the low ends (808s) of my sounds being from Atlanta. I believe most artist lack personal feelings in their music but I live in mine. I love to be vulnerable in my records be more Clark Kent instead of superman I think that’s the biggest difference.

Yeah I agree, it’s important to be vulnerable to your fans that way they can relate to you. It makes music 10x better. Speaking of your music you’ve recently released your single Vacay. What inspired you to create this song?

I had been working crazy hours trying to work on Cocaine in the Evening. SlowKings the producers sent me the beat and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a while (laughs). So I just tried to sing about what I and the girl I was dealing with were going through at the time. Pretty much letting her know I know things aren’t perfect but I’m trying and I’m willing to make this work if you are.

How did that work out for you? (Laughs) did she like it?

I believed she did but you know how that goes.

Haha yeah I know exactly what you mean. What is your writing process like when your creating a song?

It honestly depends on the situation but for the most part I don’t write on paper or in phones at all. I listen to the beat for hours and just try to memorize and say what comes to my head.

That’s dope so most of the time you just flow off of your head. SlowKings produced your song Vacay. How did you get introduced to him?

They’re a group(3). They actually sent me an email and we just went back and forth from there. They lived in Baltimore at the time but they just moved to Atlanta so it’s been work non stop since they moved here.

So is there any new music coming with them soon? Tell us about your upcoming project Cocaine in the Evening.

Definitely more music on the way. Making sure to have Cocaine in the Evening to the people before the winter is over.

What can we expect from Cocaine in the Evening, is it going to be more r&b or rap? Is there any more songs dropping before the EP?

Cocaine in the Evening is definitely a RnB & soul album. But SlowKings & I are working on the Zones EP which will be rap based.

Ah so two projects coming soon, you sure have been working hard. Salute to you for that. When can we expect the Zones EP? And tell us the meaning behind Cocaine in the Evening and the Zones EP, where does the name come from?

Thanks man. Cocaine in the Evening just derives from looking at women as a rush yet addiction. We all have a vice but living in a city where the ratio is 20 women to 1 man will have its pros and cons. Zones title derives from how people in Atlanta break the city down from zones 1-6 so I wanted to pay some homage to my city. Zones might come right after Cocaine in the Evening.

The name Shaun B is plain but effective. Where does the name Shaun B come from? Is it short for anything?

Yeah it stands for my real name. Shaun Buchanan. I was terrible at trying to find an artist name and I’m really not one to force shit (laughs) so my name was completely organic and real.

That’s what’s up that’s dope ain’t nothing wrong with being organic. Was there a specific moment in your life when you knew you wanted to create music and work towards a career?

I always have been a huge fan of music. I finally decided one day to just drop everything and focus on my music and follow my dreams you know. If we don’t follow our souls we kill them.

Yeah I agree with you. That’s kind of what I’m doing with this blog. You have to take your chance and follow your dream because if you don’t you’ll always have that what if feeling and never be complete…What music do you like to listen to? What inspires you creatively?

I literally listen to everything I really don’t believe in genres. My life and what I see everyday inspires me. The good times the break ups the smiles the cries they all play a part in capturing moments with the music.

You have Cocaine in the Evening dropping before winter and Zones dropping right after it. What more can we expect to see out of you in 2017?

Some visuals. Song writing for other artist and loads of more music.

Thanks again for giving us your time! Any last thoughts, shout outs, or words of wisdom?

My highest gratitude to you and your staff for the platform and focus on what’s going right never concern yourself with the wrong you have no control over


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