King Salomon Is Ready To Take This Industry Where Its Never Been (Exclusive Interview)

King Salomon has been hard at work. The Roselle talent has been prepping for his upcoming project “The Book of Salomon” and since he released his new track “Glory” the anticipation is high.

He is a different artist and stands strongly on his own. We’ve definitely taken notice of his quality output and decided to sit down with Salomon to talk about his new release and whats next for him. Check below and look out for “The Book of Salomon” which we will keep you updated on.

Hey King Salomon! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Whats up man. I’m King Salomon, a hip hop artist from Roselle Nj ready to take the industry like its never been seen before.

Ah that’s dope. Where does the name King Salomon come from?

Well my parents are from Haiti and my real last name is Salomon. I have a ancestor who was the president of Haiti for many years. King Solomon is also a religious figure in the bible who was known for his advanced wisdom so I felt the name and linage was a perfect fit for what my music is about.

Got it. What was it like growing up in Nj with Haitian parents? Did that have any impact on your music or your decision to pursue music?

Mannn it was rough to say the least. I appreciate everything they did for me but they were really foreigners so I had to learn American culture on my own. I played sports growing up and that was crazy enough for them. They wanted me to get an education and work. The work ethic they gave me really helped me with my music and my career. I made sure when I chose to be an artist I would work my ass off to be the greatest artist I can be.

Yeah I feel you that could be tough. But I’m sure it’s helped you grow as a person and an artist. Did your parents disagree with you pursing music? Was there a moment when you said to yourself: I’m doing this?

Nah they support anything I do that’s legal (laughs) but in regards to that moment, it happened when I was like 19 and in the car with my two home boys. We were joking around and freestyling and when they heard me spit they just stopped and told me I should try and pursue being an artist. I’m sure the freestyle was trash but seeing there reaction made me believe if I work at this I might have something special.

Ah so those around you supported you from the start. So you just dropped your new song Glory. Such a strong song. Did you have a strategy or goal before you recorded?

Thank you man. I heard the beat and it gave me such a powerful energy that the record really just came to me. I wrote the song in about an hour and recorded it a couple days later. The process was so smooth I knew I had something.

It’s my favorite song from you…you sound so confident. You can clearly rhyme. How do you feel about it and the response it’s gotten?

By far one my favorite records. The beat really inspired me I’m really happy how it turned out. I’ve gotten such a positive response it surprised me to be honest. The amount of friends, family and just random people telling me how much they love the record is overwhelming man I’m just blessed to be in the position I’m in now.

What was the writing process like on this, how did you come up with the title Glory? What’s essential for you when you’re recording?

So I wrote the record the same day I thought of my EP title which is called “The Book of Salomon”. So I heard the choir in the background and knew this was the record to really set off the EP. I wrote it almost like a speech to the people. In regards to my recording I just gotta be comfortable. I need positive energy and people around who are honest but see my vision. I enjoy hearing other peoples perspective on things so I always need to have a good relationship with the engineers I use.

The beat was insane. It was produced by Donato. Do you plan to work with him again? How did you initially link with him?

Yea absolutely. Honestly one of my boys heard the beat somewhere and sent it to me. I loved it so I made the record and sent it to him.

You talk about your boys a lot, they encouraged you to rap and sent you a beat. So you have a strong support system. Do you have a team that you work with or are you working alone?

For the most part I work alone. A couple of my people are engineers and producers so I work with them when I can but I mostly work alone.

So your debut project The Book of Salomon is coming soon. When can we expect that? Any details on the project you can give us?

Right now its looking like late January for the release but I don’t have an exact date yet. But nahh cant give anything away just know its going to be a powerful authentic EP. I’m proud of it.

Wow man I’m looking forward to hearing it. So any drops coming up before the EP?

Nahh I got “glory” and “bless up” out now and January right around the corner so I might just let it rock. But who knows man I got some records I really want people to hear so I might change my mind (laughs).

Do you have any last thoughts or shout outs?

Just want to thank everyone for listening to the music and if you haven’t heard me yet you wont regret it and s/o Roselle and all of jersey.

Awesome man. We really appreciate the time and will definitely be keeping up with you. When the EP drops you know we’ll hit you up.

No doubt bro I really appreciate it. I enjoyed the interview.

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