3D Glasses Can Give Your Doctor a Complete View of Your Insides

EchoPixel’s software stitches together data from CT scans, MRI machines, and ultrasounds to create 3D images that medical professionals and patients can examine and manipulate using 3D glasses and a stylus. EchoPixel’s founder is 40 year old Sergio Aguirre who started the medical-imaging company in Mountain View, California.

The system has a desktop PC equipped with EchoPixel software and cameras that track a user’s head movements. Wearing 3D glasses, viewers can see an exact copy of the subject’s anatomy and use a stylus to digitally manipulate parts of the body projected on the screen. 

EchoPixel has about 20 paying subscribers, including Stanford and the Cleveland Clinic. The company charges $25,000 a year for a subscription to its software, or $22,000 a year with a longer-term contract.

EchoPixel uses its technology as a way to diagnose diseases, plan surgeries, and educate patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved EchoPixel’s system, and the company says it’s working on refinements that will eliminate the need for 3D glasses, letting people view its images on standard mobile devices.

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