This New Robot Can Do Laundry For You

If you hate doing laundry then this robot is for you. Japanese inventor Shin Sakane received $53 million to advance the “Laundroid,” a robot that will be able to wash and dry garments, and also fold and arrange them. The robot is the size of a refrigerator and has the potential to eventually take the place of washing machines, dryers, and clothes drawers.

Shin Sakane also invented an anti-snoring device and golf clubs made of space materials. The device is set to release in 2019, but an early version that can sort and fold clothes will go on sale worldwide in March. The machine works by users dumping clothes in a lower drawer and robotic arms grabbing each item and folding them using sliding plates that will stack them neatly on upper shelves.

Will you be purchasing the Laundroid, when it releases? The retail price is aimed at $2,700.

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